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Love each other and know we are loved (John 13:34-35)

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Worship Committee

We have a Worship Committee made up of children from Y3 to Y6 who meet weekly to help plan, lead and suggest ideas for our daily acts of worship. They assist in leading Wednesday whole school Worship in the hall. They also take on the role of welcoming children into worship and organising the worship songs.  


The Worship Committee also lead a Courageous Advocacy project and this year’s focus is the local community. In preparation for this project the children are completing  the Archbishop's Young Leadership Award. The Archbishop's Young Leaders Award was established by Dr John Sentamu. the 97th Archbishop of York, in 2009. It exists to empower young people to serve their generation, putting the needs of others before themselves, as displayed in the life of Jesus and the people from many faith traditions. It will help the children grow in leadership, faith and character. Towards the end of the year the children will plan and carry out a community project which will benefit the village of Condover. This will be an exciting opportunity to use their leadership skills.


As part of their Courageous Advocacy project last year, the Worship Committee investigated how children’s voice can be used in the local community and linked up with Shropshire Councillor, Dan Morris, to find out more about the role of the council in the area and how children can have a voice within the council. Two of our children attended a council meeting in July to ask the question in person to the council. We are hoping that the council are going to reignite a children's parliament which our children can be a part of. Watch this space!!


See below for Article on the Council visit:

6.7.23 - Visit to Shropshire County Council Meeting by Condover and St Edwards Worship Committee representatives Frank and Laura.

As a committee they are co-ordinating events that raise money for the Sunshine for Children’s charity- Omushana. This charity equips libraries with resources for local communities within the Barundi district of Uganda.



The Worship committee have a school prayer box where children can write their own requests for prayer and they are collected in. Then they are taken to the local church where the congregation or clergy pray over them.

The Worship Committee are developing a Worship book that reflects the ‘Our Wonderful Worship’ within our school community. This will show the church services and worship in our school building that takes place. Keep posted for more information on this exciting book!


The Worship Committee have planned an end of year focus for this week’s Wednesday worship. And not to give too much of a clue, but it is a little bit ‘Magical’!


See below for links to some of the worship songs we enjoy singing together.