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Pupil Safety Committee

The pupil safety committee is a small group of year 6 pupils chosen by school staff to work alongside the safeguarding leads in school. Their role is to provide a strong pupil voice in safeguarding policy and procedure, representing and supporting their peers, promoting all aspects of keeping safe, producing child friendly versions of documents and gathering views, ideas and concerns. The group have been commended on their professionalism from outside agencies who they have spoken to as well as pupils' parents. The Committee will proceed to carry on with work to help the safety of the other pupils. They wish to make sure that the other pupils feel safe in school grounds.

Members 2023-24


Jac, Leah, Sahib, Rosa, Mason and Sarah. 

Plan for the year


  • Produce more powerpoints and information to educate the children about safety both in school and online and mental health.

  • Revisit children's Anti Bullying policy with all classes (class visit to include Q and A )

  • Identify year 5 pupils who would be suitable to work on the committee in 2024-25


Special weeks we've completed

So far school safety this year has completed many different activities:


For anti-bullying week we ran an assembly on the Monday explaining why we learn about it and also think about it. Throughout the week the 5 classes took part in different activities which enabled them to talk about it and understand how and why it may happen. Including: internet safety, anti-bullying week and mental health week.


For Internet Safety Week we will lead an assembly on Internet Safety and invite parents in.