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Bitterley C of E  Primary School

Condover C of E Primary School

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Sensory, Medical and Physical

These pupils may have a medical or genetic condition that could lead to difficulties with:

How we adapt teaching to ensure access to the curriculum

How we provide support and intervention for those with identified needs

·       Specific medical conditions

·       Gross/fine motor skills

·       Visual/hearing impairment

·       Accessing the curriculum without adaptation

·       Physically accessing the building or equipment

·       Over sensitivity to noise/smells/light/touch/taste.

·        Toileting/self-care

Pupils are provided with suitable equipment on advice from outside agencies eg pencil grips, writing slopes, stress balls etc


Ensure tables and chairs are the correct size for the pupils


PE sessions with TA support if appropriate


Ensure the environment is free from clutter and is tidy and organised


A place for time out

Access and liaison with OT/Physiotherapist

Referral to outside agency

Cool Kids programme


Pre-writing skills eg tweezers, peg boards

Use of specialised equipment in the classroom as suggested by outside agencies

School is all one level with ramps to get inside

Seating arrangements

Use of IT on recommendation from outside agencies

Provide suitable activities to develop skills eg Cool Kids