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Estuary Class Weekly Home Learning Project Page.

Click here to view the class gallery, where possible work that has been emailed to us may be posted on this page.

This page will be updated weekly with ideas and tasks that you could complete with your child.


Easter Holidays – Weeks commencing 6th & 13th April

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Easter Ideas

Easter egg hunt with clues around the garden

Easter baking – chocolate Easter nests, hot cross buns, rice krispy Easter eggs

Make an Easter card

Make an Easter cross using natural fabrics / materials

Make an Easter bonnet

Make an Easter garden

Paint an Easter egg – this could be a real egg!

Make a salt dough Easter egg

Make a paper mache Easter egg

Make an Easter garland

Egg and spoon races

Create / sing an Easter song

Write an Easter prayer


Spring Ideas

Look for signs of spring

Grow some beans, cress, sunflowers

Use a broccoli to paint tree blossom

Paint a flower pot

Create a spring lamb picture using cotton wool balls

Make a bird’s nest from wool and yarn or natural materials

Make / paint daffodils

Create a vase of paper flowers

Explore symmetry by creating a symmetrical butterfly – Dragonfly class enjoy putting drops of paint on one side of an A4 piece of paper and folding it together. They are always amazed by the patterns created when opened. Then cutting the shape of a butterfly. This is just one way of creating a butterfly.

Bird watching – use or create your own bird identification chart


We are aware that some of these suggestions require additional resources, ONLY use these ideas if you have the resources at home please do not feel the need to leave your house.


The Imagination Tree is a great website to support learning and explore ideas.