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River Class Weekly Home Learning Project Page.

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This page will be updated weekly with ideas and tasks that you could complete with your child.

This weeks project is all about Easter

 As the next two weeks are the Easter holidays, there will be no class work set. However, here is a list of Easter Activities and Spring Activities that you may like to do as a family along with a list of virtual tours and trips that are available at various zoos, museums and science centres - I have just been watching wolves and a bald eagle's nest!

Click here for the virtual tours and webcams links list


Easter Holidays – Weeks commencing 6th & 13th April

Easter Ideas

Easter egg hunt with clues around the garden

Easter baking – chocolate Easter nests, hot cross buns, rice krispy Easter eggs

Make an Easter card

Make an Easter cross using natural fabrics / materials

Make an Easter bonnet

Make an Easter garden

Paint an Easter egg – this could be a real egg!

Make a salt dough Easter egg

Make a paper mache Easter egg

Make an Easter garland

Egg and spoon races

Create / sing an Easter song

Write an Easter prayer


Spring Ideas

Look for signs of spring

Grow some beans, cress, sunflowers

Use a broccoli to paint tree blossom

Paint a flower pot

Create a spring lamb picture using cotton wool balls

Make a bird’s nest from wool and yarn or natural materials

Make / paint daffodils

Create a vase of paper flowers

Explore symmetry by creating a symmetrical butterfly – Dragonfly class enjoy putting drops of paint on one side of an A4 piece of paper and folding it together. They are always amazed by the patterns created when opened. Then cutting the shape of a butterfly. This is just one way of creating a butterfly.

Bird watching – use or create your own bird identification chart


We are aware that some of these suggestions require additional resources, ONLY use these ideas if you have the resources at home please do not feel the need to leave your house.


The Imagination Tree is a great website to support learning and explore ideas.




Write a book review of a book you have read recently. Include a brief retelling of the story (plot) and tell describe some of the characters and the setting. Don’t forget to say why you liked it and who you would recommend it to. Use subheadings for each  different section.


Learn to spell – ache, anchor, Christmas, school, choir, echo - notice the 'tricky part'. Use pyramid, rainbow or look, say, cover, write, check. 


Watch plays or musicals

This is an excellent opportunity for a bit of cultural capital for you. 

David Walliams – Elevenses

The World of David Walliams is releasing an audio story from the World's Worst Children every day for the next 30 days. Keep the children busy with these daily audio treats, perfect for tea and biscuit breaks.


More Fractions

Check out the lessons on White Rose Maths - see link above.

1 Find 15 of something (buttons, pencils, smarties…) Find 1/5 of the group, now find 3/5 and 5/5

  1. Make a list of fractions equal to 1 whole.
  2. 2/5 + 3/5 =
  3. 4/7 + 3/7 =

5.1/4 + 3/4 =

  1. I have one pizza cut up into 6 equal pieces. I have eaten 6/6 of the pizza. Do I have any pizza left? Explain your answer

If you have access to a printer: worksheet click here

Practise your tables. Send me an email if you have forgotten your TT Rockstars login

Or you may want to practise using this one; 

BBC Supermovers

White Rose Maths 

We use resources from here in the classroom so the children should be familiar with the approach and layout of these. 


To investigate uses for magnets.

Which materials do you think are magnetic? Make a list.


Find examples of different materials and see if they are magnetic by using a

magnet against the material to see if there is a force (either attraction or repulsion). If there is not force,

the material is not magnetic. If there is, the material is magnetic.


Create a poster to show what you have found out.


Choose a view from one of the windows in your house. Can you identify the horizon?

Using the softest lead pencil you can find, try to sketch the view. Pay attention to light and shade and use the pencil to create this effect.



Create a repeating clapping pattern. Find an old pan and a wooden spoon and play the pattern on that.



Based on what you have found out about Condover, design your ideal village. What must it include – why?

(Try to include physical and human features: shops, housing (what type?), leisure facilities, water, industry?)


Draw it as a map. Include a key and compass points.


Try to find out about Mary Anning. Why is she famous?

 Create an information booklet about Mary Anning.

 Include a section on fossils and how they are formed.


If you have access to the internet, log onto scratch. 

Choose a background and a Sprite.

Make your Sprite move in at least two different directions. Make him say something  - perhaps it could be a new fact that you have learned today.


If you do not have access then design your own Sprite. Think carefully – what does it look like? What size is it? Male or Female? Cut it out and draw a background to put him on. Move him around – what directions would you give him?


Try to keep as active a possible!

Can you do these activities at least 5 times a day.

1 minute of toe touches

1 minute of air punches

1 minute of burpees

1 minute of bunny hops

1 minute of running on the spot

Joe Wicks Daily Workout

PE with Joe Wicks every day, Monday to Friday at 9am. Live on YouTube 'The Body Coach TV'. 30 minutes workout class for children of all ages... teenagers and adults can get involved too. Have fun and inspire each other.

Shrewsbury Town in the Community

 Please see the link for the Shrews@home page where various activities are being put together for you. The activities are not only just sport or football they also include maths, literacy, modern foreign languages, gardening skills, social action and much more. 


It will soon be Easter! Christians see this as a time of hope. What are your hopes for yourself, your family and the wider world at the moment?

 Create an Easter garden from things you can find in your own garden. Start with a bowl full of earth. Add some crosses, an empty tomb and some moss/foliage/flowers. Use it to retell the story of Easter.

(If you need ideas have a look on Google)


What makes a good friend?

Brainstorm some ideas, then write a set of instructions for others.


Practise counting.

Use a clock face – O’clock is ‘heure’

 1 o’clock is une heures

2 o’clock is deux heures,

Can you say every o’clock up to 12 o’clock?