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Raindrops Y1 Class Weekly Home Learning Project Page.

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Week beginning 30th March 2020

 For this weeks learning please see below. 

Please try to read every day and have a discussion about the text you have read. Please use own books for this with help from an adult or older sibling.


Sticky Knowledge: Adjectives are describing words and make a text more interesting to read.

Task: Write a letter or email to someone describing your time at home and the activities you have been doing. Try to include adjectives in your sentences.

Remember to make it really interesting to read.


Sticky Knowledge: You write addition and subtraction number sentences in different orders using the same numbers.

Task: How many ways can you write number sentences using three numbers such as 18, 21 and 39.

How many ways can you work the answers out? What equipment might you use?


As a challenge, you might try to complete the same task using multiplication.

An example of three numbers could be 2, 3 and 6


Sticky Knowledge: Materials have different properties and can be used for different purposes.

Task: Design a new set of toys and label the materials you would use to make them.

Try to design toys to be used in different places such as the garden, in the bath or shower or to cuddle at bedtime, for example.

Don't forget to think about the qualities of the materials you choose.


Sticky Knowledge: Red, yellow and blue are primary colours. 

Task: Find out what secondary colours are and create a colour chart to illustrate your findings.

Extra idea- draw a picture with chalk on the floor outside- try smudging the primary colours together- what colours do they make?


Sticky Knowledge: Experiment with, create, select and combine sounds using the interrelated dimensions of music.

Music can be made with tuned and untuned instruments. You can make instruments from objects in the home. With an adult in your house investigate different ways of making instruments using household objects. Watch the video below, with an adult’s permission.

Can you make your own instrument and create a tune? Perform it to your family! Take a photo or video of your performance.




Sticky Knowledge: Condover is roughly in the middle of the British Isles. Learn the meaning of north, south, east and west.

Find out the names of some places are north, south east and west of Condover. What direction does your garden face?

Find out which direction the sun rises and sets. Where is this in relation to your house? Which windows get the sun in the morning and the afternoon? Write a little bit about your findings.


Sticky Knowledge: Local history of Shrewsbury

Find out why Shrewsbury library is important in the life of Charles Darwin. Why is he an important person in history? Write a little bit about his life and his connection to Shrewsbury.


Sticky Knowledge: You can open, save and edit documents.

Please ensure you talk to the adult who is looking after you before trying this task.

Can you use a computer or laptop to open a document, write a few sentences about what you did over the weekend and save it?

Can you close it down, find it and open it again? If so, you might want to add a bit more or change what you have typed.


Sticky Knowledge: You need to use your eyes and arms together to throw accurately.

Can you invent your own ball game?

You need to think of a way of scoring and keeping a track of the points.

Could you record a set of instructions so that someone else could enjoy your game? Remember - you could use pictures and diagrams to help other people understand.


Sticky Knowledge: Christians celebrate Easter.

Can make a small book telling the Easter story? You could do this by carefully folding paper if you want to.

Please illustrate it and make it look absolutely fabulous!


Sticky Knowledge: Sitting quietly and thinking about my breathing can help me relax.

Use the website 'Cosmic Kids' to complete some Yoga and relaxation activities. Ask an adults permission before you do this.