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EYFS Weekly Home Learning Project Page 

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Week Beginning: 30th March 2020

This week's activities again are fun activities which your child will hopefully enjoy. Remember these are just ideas, there is no pressure to complete any or all of them.

If possible please could your child read regularly. Use your own story books at home- they can read all the phonetically decodable words and common words such as me, he, she, and, said, you, the. You or older siblings can read the other words for them.

Communication and language

Paint or draw a picture of your family and write a description of each person including air colour, eye colour, height, and clothes. Draw around someone in the house on the back of a roll of wallpaper and fill in the description on the body!

Make a pretend vets with your cuddly toys. Write a list of prices, opening times and animal’s names and act out the vet’s surgery.

Physical Development

Use markers like pencils or felt tips to make a map on how to find the vets within your house.

Sort food into healthy and unhealthy food and make a list/ picture of the food in each category. Talk about how the healthy food helps your bodies.

Follow Joe Wicks keeping fit sessions online!

Personal Social and Emotional Development

Teach your child how to sort the washing out and load and unload the washing machine or dryer. Make a pretend washer and dryer out of cardboard boxes with a hole in the front so they can role play with their toy/ own clothes.



Write secret messages and hide them in your house for another member of the family. Cellotaping an envelope behind a picture or toy box is always a good place for secret messages.

Learn ‘air’ sound phonics phase 3 – write and read words relating to this sound. The website 'Phonics Play' is free for parents to use at present- great games for practising phonic sounds!

Access the Twinkl website and use their phase 3 phonics materials for extra practise and consolidation of phase 3 sounds. 



Create a height chart of people in the house and say which children are the tallest and shortest.

Children can learn how to play snakes and ladders and be able to say the number names on the board.

Understanding the World

Look for bugs in your garden and find out information them.

Keep a growing chart for the seeds/ bulbs you have already planted.