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What are the arrangements for handling complaints from parents of children with SEND about the provision made at school?

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It is in everyone’s interests for complaints to be resolved as quickly and at as low a level as possible and our SEND complaint procedure is as follows:

- the complaint is dealt with by the class teacher – the complainant needs to feel that they have been listened to and that all points raised have been addressed.

- If the matter remains unresolved, the complaint is dealt with by the SENDCo or by a senior manager.

- If there is still no resolution the Head teacher will become actively involved.

- If the matter is still not resolved, the complainant must put their complaint in writing to the Local Academy Board who will deal with the matter through their agreed complaint resolution procedures.

- In the unlikely event that the matter is still not resolved, the parent can then take the complaint to the Local Authority or request independent disagreement resolution and the school will make further information available about this process on request.