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How do we support children moving between different phases of education?

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From pre-school to Raindrop Class.

Visits from the class teacher to pre-school settings.

A series of induction visits during the Summer Term before the child starts in September.

Class teacher meets with pre-school providers for an exchange of information.

Each child has a Year 6 and Year 2 Buddy.

Class teacher holds interviews with the parents before they start school full time.

Parents evening during the Summer Term for parents of children starting in September.


From Class to Class within the School.

Pupils will have a ‘taster session’ in their new class.

Teachers liaise to share PCPs and other information and reports.

Progress data is shared.


Pupils in Year 6 moving to Secondary School.

We work closely with our local secondary schools. The year 7 coordinators will visit the pupils in Condover Primary School.

The SENDCo and year 7 co-ordinator are invited to attend the annual review meeting of any pupil with an EHC plan.

The Year 6 class teacher will meet with the SENDCo and year 7 coordinator of the secondary school the child is moving to in order to share information and discuss the specific needs of the pupil.

Extra induction visits may be arranged to the secondary school if appropriate.

There may be a small group set up in school to help those pupils who may find the change hardest.