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Social, Mental and Emotional Health

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May have difficulties with social and emotional development which may lead to or stem from:

How we adapt teaching to ensure access to the curriculum

How we provide support and intervention for those with identified needs

·       Social isolation

·       Behaviour difficulties

·       Attention difficulties (ADHD)

·       Anxiety and depression

·       Attachment disorders

·       Low self esteem

·       Issues with self-image



Providing support – having a designated adult to work with the pupil

Having a calm area where the pupil can have ‘time out’.

Pupils are encouraged to work with others within a small group with the support of an adult

Pupils are encouraged to share their ideas with others and adults model how to take turns, share and negotiate with their peers.

Consistent routines/boundaries and expectations of behaviour

Being sensitive to the needs of individual pupils, taking into account their personal circumstances.

Being sensitive to any resources being used.

A place for time out

Small group ‘Circle Time’

Home School Behaviour Books

Friends for Life or No Worries programme

Refer to outside agencies as appropriate eg bereavement counselling, CAMHs

Advice followed from CAMHs or other agencies

Extra visits to Secondary Schools

Cool Kids programme

Time Out sessions

Supporting families with multiagency involvement

During unstructured times support staff and supervisors made aware of the needs of specific pupils.