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Condover CE Primary School

Raindrop Class

Reception - 2020 - 2021
Class Teacher: Miss Thomas
Welcome to Raindrop webpage

This term our project is 'All About Me'

In reception we have project plans for the term that will develop with the children's interests. Initially we will be finding out all about each other including our houses, pets, gardens, family and extended family and family customs. After we have spent the first week settling in, we will be asking the question- Is everyone else the same as me? We will be exploring diversity through this project and helping the children understand how everyone is unique and special. This week each child has contributed towards a Raindrops induction  art project that shows the unique nature of their fingers and hands. This is now on display in our classroom to help prompt discussion and celebrate each child that is new to our school. Please have a look at the project planner to see more detail for each area of learning.

PE - PE will be on Thursdays. Children should come to school in their PE kit on their PE day please.

Forest School - Raindrops will be visiting our Forest School area every week weather permitting.  Please can wellies be kept in school all week.

Water - Please ensure that your child brings a drink of water (not fruit drinks or squash) to school each day. This needs to be in a labelled bottle that we can keep in the classroom. The children will be encouraged to drink their water several times during the day and have free access to it at other times.

Snacks - Your child will receive a piece of fruit and be offered a drink of milk during the morning each day.

Please remember that due to COVID-19, we do not want children to bring any belongings from home into school. 



Reading books will be sent home on a Monday and will need to be returned by Friday . A new book will be issued on Friday to be returned by the Monday so that we are able to leave time between books going to different households. At present, this seems the safest way to send reading books home, but we will review this as the term progresses. Please continue with the picture books. When they get their picture book please can you tell the story to them using lots of good description, asking the children what do you think will happen next? Then ask the children to retell the story, turning the pages themselves. If they are finding it difficult to voice the story, they can describe what they see in the picture. Please ensure they are using full sentences when they retell the story. Sometimes it is tempting to ask the children questions such as, ‘What is the dog doing?’ Then the children may answer, ‘digging’ when what we would like them to say is, ‘Floppy (the dog) is digging in the garden’. Modelling this language to the children is really important and will have a positive effect on their writing. 

Please could your child practise writing their name with a pencil on paper using their name card as a guide. Some of the children are slipping back into old habits when writing their name. Please can you ensure they are following the cursive style on their name card that was sent home before the summer holidays.

Lots of children are trying very hard with their knife and fork, although some are lifting their meat up and biting chunks off it rather than cutting it. Please continue to support them with this skill.

Some children are struggling with their cardigans, I also struggle with their buttons sometimes, the button holes are so tight! I hope they slacken up over the term! Please continue encouraging them to practise with their school jumpers and cardigans at home.



We will be creating Harvest and Christmas performance pieces which you will hopefully be able to access. Children who do not have permission to be filmed will not be in any recorded media.


The children have shown great confidence in their first couple of weeks and other members of staff have commented how willing they are to talk to other adults in school.  The children have started learning to recognise and write letters of the alphabet now. This week they are learning s, a and t. Exciting!!! Soon be time for books with words!

Don't forget that you can email me on my email address if you have any questions.

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A great website to use for Forest School and outside activities is the nature detectives website.

There is a great website to look at "50 things to do before you are 11 3/4" 

I wonder how many you can tick off?

Please see below the link for the letters and sounds video showing how to articulate the phonemes

ICT Games - A great selection of Literacy and Maths Games including 'Save the Whale'

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