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Condover CE Primary School

River Class

Year 3 / 4 - 2020 - 2021
Class Teacher: Mrs Varley
Welcome to River webpage

This term our project is London.

We will be using the book ‘Coming to England’ by Floella Benjamin as a stimulus to study London. The children will learn about some of the famous London landmarks and we will be looking at similarities and differences between London and where we live. We will also be learning about the Great Plague of London, making links with the Covid-19 pandemic.



Friday 25th September 2020


Please learn the following homophones and their meanings:

fair and fare

mane and main

peace and piece

threw and through

The children now have their spelling sheet! Sorry for the delay.

Please choose 3 words from the list they got incorrect and practise them. Year 3 children will be given a list of the year3/4 words to move onto when they are secure with the year 1/2 words.


This week we have been learning the homophones above. Please choose some other homophones eg sea and see, and write some sentences to show you know what they mean.


Keep learning your tables by going on times table rock stars.

We have been continuing to learning about place value. Try these and then practise by doing some more of your own so that you are really confident!

Year 4

1)3,206 – 200 =

2)7,021 - 20 =

3) 6,927 + 40 =

4) 4,379 + 200 =  

5) 6,437 – 2,000 =

Year 3

1) 428 – 20 =

2) 720 – 400 =

3) 801 + 50 =

4) 422 + 200 =

5) 931 – 400 =



PE each week is at JCA on a Tuesday, please come to school in your PE kit.


On Thursday, we spent a fantastic morning at JCA looking at different habitats. The children found lots of signs of animal life!

We might also have had a little bit of a playtime, rolling down the slopes on the lawn and playing hide and seek!