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Condover CE Primary School

Ocean Class

Year 5 / 6 - 2020 - 2021
Class Teacher: Miss Mainwaring

Teaching Assistant: Mrs J Jackson

Welcome to Ocean webpage

This term our project is: World War II





Please practise the following words taken from the Year 5/6 spellings list:

accommodate, accompany, according, achieve, aggressive, amateur, ancient, apparent, appreciate, attached.


The one hundred Year 5/6 words can be found here.




Please make sure you listen to your child reading their school or home book as much as possible.



Please complete the following- some using written and some using mental methods:

65,876 + 82,985 =

56.9 + ? = 60

? + 56.9 = 100

What is the difference between -7 and 21?

What is the difference between -65 and 14?

The temperature in Stockholm is -17°c. Vancouver is 9 degrees cooler and London is 10 degrees warmer than Stockholm. What are the temperatures in Vancouver and London?

87.9 X 100 =

87.9 ÷ 100 =


 7a + 8 = 71

X2 - 45 = 580

6y + 3y + 13 = 148



Please practise your times-tables for a test on Wednesday. TT Rockstars is a great way to practise- who will have the fastest time? 




Next week, we will be learning about the 'Dig for Victory' campaign- can you find three facts associated with this campaign?



Please practise the French days of the week:

lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi, dimanche


If you feel confident with these, can you learn the months?





Even though your child can read independently, it is really important that you still listen to them read, as well as reading aloud to them. This will allow them to develop their understanding of the text- through questioning and discussion - and to learn the meaning of new words they may be unfamiliar with.

Our guided reading sessions follow the following structure:

  • Finding the definitions and discussing the meaning of new words in a text
  • Reading the text
  • Discussing and answering questions- retrieval of information, making inferences, predictions and focusing on vocabulary
  • Summarising the text


When listening to your child read please:

  • Make sure you check their understanding of words
  • Practise their scanning techniques to find words and phrases quickly on a page e.g. can you find the word ‘evolution’
  • Ask questions to develop their understanding e.g. Why did x happen? What is the largest mammal found in the world? Why do you think x was feeling frustrated? How do you know that x is upset? What do you think will happen next? How has the author used humour in this text?
  • Read a variety of genres and text types





PE will take place every Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure that your child comes dressed in their PE kit on this day.

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