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Condover CE Primary School

Estuary Class

Welcome to Estuary webpage

Last term our project was Forces and Magnets.

We were considering the question, 'Are all great scientists male and from Europe?'


I love Estuary class because the teachers and TAs are really kind and all the children here are really nice too.

 We have really good afternoon lessons and have great times in between lessons.

 I love Estuary because every term we have an amazing topic and we learn lots of new things.

 We do lots of exciting stuff and all the people are very kind.

 We learn but in a fun way.

 Everyone’s kind, helpful and funny.

 We are all good friends. We are good at learning.

 I like Estuary because we have fun actives and we can play with our friends. We make creative things.

 We learn the best stuff and there are loads of people to be friends with.

 Teachers make sure everyone is looked after.

 In our class, everybody cares about you.