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Condover CE Primary School

Stream Class.

Last term our project was The Great Fire Of London.

We were considering the question, 'how do we keep ourselves safe in a fire?'

We looked at a range of texts to help us learn about this and talked about it many times.

Science: We learned about light, how it travels in straight lines and that there are a range of light sources.

Art: We looked at how art created at the time of the Great Fire Of London has become a source of information.

Geography: Children learned about how maps represent the landscape and symbols are used rather than pictures. 

History: The Great Fire Of London provided the focus of our work, how it started, how it spread and how we know.

DT: Pupils considered how Tudor houses were built and how this contributed to the spread of the Great Fire Of London.

PE: We enjoyed net and wall games. invasion games and fitness and dance activities.

Music: The children learned using the BBC 10 Pieces, specifically Ritual Fire Dance composed by Manuel de Falla. 

RE: Pupils considered creations stories and, later in the term, Easter.

PSHE: Children learned about keeping 'myself safe' and 'my rights and responsibilities'. 

Computing: We thought about keeping ourselves safe online. We also began to learn about basic programming, using buttons , directions, computer systems and networks . We thought about what IT is and where is it used.