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Stream Class

Year 1 / 2 - 2020 - 2021
Class Teacher: Mr Halstead
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This term our project is farming. 


Week beginning 28/09/20


As we have settled into the new school year, we have had time to consider areas of strength and weakness in the children's understanding. There are a couple of areas where you could help your child. We have noticed that whilst their ability to read their reading books is generally good, they are struggling to read for understanding. For example, when completing a worded maths question, rather than read it independently they wait to be told what to do. 

To help us address this, it would be great if you could use this prompt sheet whilst reading with your child. It contains sample questions to promote understanding of texts and it is the same one that we will be using in school over the next couple of weeks. It can also be found in the resource section of this webpage. 

When working or reading with your child, try to ensure that you do not give them prompts before giving them opportunities to answer for themselves. Beware of the 'big eye' treatment! This is when you ask your child a question and they look at you with enormous eyes and try (generally with unbelievable success) to read every movement you make to help them answer. They are extremely adept and picking up visual cues - such as slight nods, lip movements or smiles!

It is so important that they develop independence when learning.  



Y1: me, she we, no, go

Y2: grass, great, half, hold, hour, improve, kind


In English, we will be looking at poetry - specifically rhyming couplets. If you could play with rhyming words, it would really help them.  We will be thinking specifically about words relating to farms such as rain, grain or cow, sow. As mentioned above, reading is key so please continue make time for reading and questioning. Finally - we have been looking at how children hold pencils. It is amazing how many different methods can be observed in Stream class. We are strongly encouraging the traditional grip - holding the pencil between thumb and index finger. It enables the children to see the marks they are making, increases accuracy, presentation and comfort when writing for periods of time. Several of them have complained of aching fingers - prompting us to look at this. 


In maths, we continue to learn about about the symbols = < and >. In addition to this, we are now looking at placing numbers up to 100 on to number lines. If all goes well, we will be counting in jumps of 10, 2 then 5 later this week. To help your child, give them a number such as 12 and ask them what 2 more is, or 10 more, or 5 more. We are trying to encourage them to use what they know about numbers rather than just counting on.



We are looking at various ways of adapting this term's events in order to ensure that we are as safe as possible whilst providing meaningful, enjoyable learning experiences.

Watch this space!


Please remember that PE will take place on a Monday. Please send your children in wearing their PE kit. They will not need their uniform as we will not be getting changed.


Please send them in with a raincoat every day.

Useful Resources


Reading Questions Prompt Sheet.

Useful websites:  

Numberbonds to 10

Numberbonds to 20:

Hit the button- good Maths games

Oxford Owl  - Class login: stream     password: condover   (all lower case)

2-times table song

Clock game

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